UWF Helping Record Alger History
ASHS Column for 09 15 2005
Jerry Simmons

It's not an easy task, trying to think of something
you folks might find interesting. In the light of the
catastrophe of Mississippi and Louisiana and part
of Alabama, there's not much I can say to relieve
the sense of helplessness many of us feel. By the
time you read this, I hope much of the stress and
tension will be easing and the finger-pointing will
have calmed somewhat. The way it seems to me,
"It is amazing how much you can accomplish when
it doesn't matter who gets the credit" (or in this
case, the blame).
The Historical Society provided the concession at
the Flomaton Antique Auction a couple Saturdays
ago, and although it was very hard work, it was a
lot of fun. After being on my rickety old knees for
10 or 12 hours, I was not able to walk come
Sunday morning. I know, that's showing age and
high mileage, but I just couldn't let the opportunity
pass me by, to complain a little.
Again, by the time you read this, the Town of Century's Patriot Day parade and brouhaha will be done. Some of the members of the Gulf Coast Model A Club are scheduled to join in the parade, and we are looking for them back October 8, when we plan a shindig of our own! Several members of the Model A Club will be at the James Houston Jones Historical Park to show off their cars (some families have FIVE of them!). We will have entertainment and food for sale (the food is for sale, not the entertainment). Bring your lawn chairs and be prepared to step back in time with us.

There'll be books for sale and Ray Fortner, author and famous storyteller, will be here with his "hot-off-the-press" new novel "The Shiny Badge." Tony Simmons, assistant managing editor of the Panama News Herald and Century native, will also be signing his novel, "The Dawning of a New Century," and his first book, "Dazed and Raving in the Undercurrents." We hope to have Ethel McKinley there, too. She is the author of a newly published book, too, "The Mind Still Sees, The Heart Remembers," which we think you'll really enjoy. Ethel hails from Oak Grove and several other places, but you'll have to read her book to find out more about that.
I want to personally invite all of you to come visit me at the Thomas E. McMillan Museum at Jeff Davis Community College. Drop in, say hello, and be sure to sign the guest books or my bosses will think I'm doing nothing! Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-3 to browse among the displays or to research your family. I'll try to accommodate you some other day and time if you can't make it those hours.

Dr. Breland Bradley of Alabama State University, located on the old Southern Normal campus north of Brewton, has a wonderful vision for a museum in one of the former dormitory buildings. I am working to help her get it off the ground. We'll try to keep you posted as time goes on.
Friday, September 9, two UWF students, Christy Hurt and Michael Cullen, visited us to look into helping us record, sort, and store the reams of papers retrieved from the old Alger office building a few weeks ago. We also need volunteers to help us make a big dent in this so we can be at the ready should anyone wish to research family in our own backyard. Doing this has been a dream of mine for several years - sometimes I think it's a fantasy. We've tried to get it done, but it seems to kinda get lost in the shuffle and the eager helpers fade away. We appeal to you who have computer skills to volunteer. We need you to input data for us and do a lot of filing. Simply help us organize the records.
Christmas - or any season - ornaments are available for sale. See the photo for a sample. The proceeds from the sale of these items go toward the "Old 100" fund. They are beautifully crafted from brass, with gold plating (even though the black and white photo makes it look silver). A striking three-dimensional replica of Old 100 stands out in the center. The pieces make great gifts for collectors, and supporters of our work will love the intricate design and craftsmanship on them.
Please feel free to join us at our meeting next Tuesday at 7 pm. It's in the Leach House Museum and Nevin Heller of Flomaton Antique Auction will be our speaker. He will likely try to auction off our president, Jerry Fischer, but I doubt there'll be any bids. For information or directions, please call Margaret Collier at 850-256-2661, me at 850-256-2661, or Jerry Fischer at 850-256-3980.

This beautiful ornament is great as a gift for your friends, loved ones, or for collectors. You have to see it to really appreciate its beauty. On sale by the Alger-Sullivan Historical Society for $15.00.

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