Back row, L-R: Jerry Flannigan, Leroy Findley, Frank Whitfield, Clark Glover, James Roy (Punk) Richburg, Leon Bingham, (unknown), Bobby Lee
3rd row: (unknown), Ray Lawson, Tommy Reynolds, (unknown), Leland Evers, Marvin Ray Richburg, (unknown);
2nd row: Vivian Green, Clara Lee, (unknown), (unknown), Clola Lee
Front row: Joyce Findley, (unknown), (unknown), Jan Ansley, Alice Ward, Margaret Pritchett.

This picture was taken about 1951, at the southwestern corner of the Turberville Hospital. The porch and windows seen at the left are at the ward which was reserved for black patients. To the right are the windows for the laboratory. I will never forget the little fan with dual blades that fit in the window. It must have lasted for twenty years! You can barely see a portion of the fan in the far right window, nestled under the upper window.

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