Fall Shindig Saturday, October 8
ASHS column 10 06 05
Margaret Collier

WHEW! Work of and at the Society is never-ending, so if you
find yourself sitting around all bored with life, just give us a call.
I can assure you that we have many different kinds of jobs
available for either physical and/or mental exertion. For example,
our UWF graduate students have been sorting the latest haul of
Alger-Sullivan records. The personnel records have been moved
to the Mole Hole (the office) in The Leach House while others
are being transferred to the Special Collections unit at the
University of West Florida.

Our students hosted Don Sales, Jerry Simmons and me to a visit
to that facility last Wednesday, September 28. We were amazed
at the work that has already been done to preserve the history of
The Alger-Sullivan Lumber Co. and The Alger-Sullivan Sawmill Co. The records are carefully catalogued and shelved in a humidity and climate-controlled room where they are safe and available for research purposes.

After seeing the facility and knowing of the professional care available, we decided to have more of our latest "haul" from the old office building taken to UWF. Our graduates arranged this for us and will be helping to study the material for future use. My hope is that we will be availing ourselves more and more use of the expertise and other resources that the University has to offer.

Russell and John Peacock have just completed re-roofing the Post Office Museum after some damage from Ivan. John is also helping to beautify the Park by edging the walks, cutting limbs, and general clean-up of other storm damage. More clean-up by others is being done as this is being written and much, much more needs doing. We keep pursuing all manner of avenues to get the fences mended and the downed trees removed - not easy!

The Town of Century has been hard at work giving us assistance in prettying up the park in preparation for our October 8th Fall Shindig, too. We are in high gear trying to have everything ready for the Park event on this Saturday. You have surely read the flyers, ads, and other notices about the Model A Club coming to be on exhibit, the Dixieland Jazz Group, the Twirlers, Dancers, Cloggers, and other groups that will be with us for a fun day in the Park. Certainly, you'll want to chat with our visiting authors, buy their books and have them autographed.

Then, you will be hungry. Yes, you will, because the tantalizing aroma of barbeque and roasting hot dogs will tickle your nostrils and titillate your taste buds until you dig down in your wallet, pull out that five-dollar bill for a succulent sandwich with all the trimmings, chips, and a drink.

You certainly will want to tour the museums to see what has been added since your last visit or enjoy all of it if this is your first visit. We especially urge you to visit our two sales places (in The Leach House and outside with other vendors). Our two new books, plus the former ones, plus train ornaments, pins, bandannas, caps, and all manner of train memorabilia will be on hand. Remember, all of this is to help in the effort to get Old 100 back.

See you in the James Houston Jones Historical Park on Saturday, starting at about 9 am. Don't you dare forget! If you need directions, or more information, you may call 850-256-2029, 256-3980, 0r 256-2661.

This page last modified on Sunday, October 02, 2005

Christy Hurt, UWF graduate student, happy to finally get the Suburban crammed full of Alger-Sullivan Lumber Company documents, headed for "Special Collections," at UWF.