We can always profit from the input of as many people as possible, so even if you don't have a task assigned to you, we value your support and cheerleading. Also, your presence at the event helps to encourage all of the volunteer entertainers who add so much to these events.
    P. S. Bring your wallet!
    Speaking of entertainers, you won't want to miss "Happy Harry and Judson Carden", Heather Leonard's Dance Group, and many more that we'll tease you with in coming columns. Of course, there will be vendors with many intriguing goods for you to purchase, either for gifts or for your own use.
    The Society has books (some new and some that were sold out), ornaments, throws, potholders/mats, mugs, and a few train items. In addition, we hope to have rooted cuttings from Mr. Hauss's very old camellias for you to buy for your own gardens. Cary Ellis is in the rooting process so be on the lookout for this first-time effort. Also, we plan to have plants from Walthrop's Nursery in Chumuckla for your pleasure.
    Now I have to tell you that Sandy Collier and Don Sales are working hard on the proposed heritage recipe and remembrance book, but you are the ones who must send in your pictures, anecdotes, and recipes in order to make this a very special keepsake book. We were tickled to receive a recipe for Green Tomato Pie, as requested in my last column. Earl Tisdale sent it in as well as several other Tisdale family recipes. A poem about Roy and Flora Stuckey, and a photo, along with Flora's recipe for Cornbread Salad also pleased the committee.
    These little tidbits should give you an idea of what we hope to incorporate in this unique volume. After Jerry's last column, I am fearful of mentioning this next topic but saying "Thank you" is always appropriate, whether all-inclusive or not, so here goes. Miz Leola Robinson has been most instrumental in getting our "Gandy Dancers" to finish the track-laying work for Old #100, so we do thank her for her persistence as well as to her crew.
    Also, when I went by the Park today, I noted two big loads of slag for the tracks. Now the good fairies don't just appear from nowhere bearing such gifts, so we do thank everyone responsible. When all of this train business is settled we do plan to have complete lists of everyone who helped in any way. Let's face it, the Society could not possibly do all that has been done without so much help from the Town of Century, Escambia County, CSX employees who’ve volunteered time and labor, and countless individuals who have helped, physically, financially and morale-boosting.
    Trust us, we are truly grateful and hope to have some sort of celebration when #100 is once again home where it belongs.
    Our memorial brick project is under way. We already have engraved bricks for John B. Vaughn, Edgar A. Simmons, Preston and Grace Wiggins, Mayor P. J. Ward, M. Luther Collier, Bill Showalter, Luman Max Mayo, Magnolia Riley Simmons, Ruby Harwell Sunday, W.R. and Joe Tisdale and O.O. and Ruth, Eva R. Vaughn and Gloria Clancy Briggs. Not all bricks are for the deceased. Some are honoraria for the living, so give us a call if you would like to purchase one. We also have donations for railroad ties to commemorate your loved ones, too.
    Daniel Pleasant will be starting to lay these in the first planned area next week. Look around the James Houston Jones Historical Park sign on the corner by the Post Office Museum for progress.
    These items should bring you up-to-date on what is going on in the Society, but maybe not. You see, we are not the average historical society. We are not just a bunch of old fuddy-duddies sitting around lamenting the loss of the "good ol' days." Nope, we are busy with all kinds of projects, so let us know how, when and where you may be of help AND get those pictures, recipes and anecdotes to us. Send them to Sandra G. Collier, 3251 S. Pine Barren Road, McDavid, FL 32568 or to The Alger-Sullivan Historical Society, P. O. Box 1002, Century, FL 32535.

Send in recipes for ASHS heritage recipe and remembrance book
ASHS Column for 3 22 07
Margaret Collier

    By the time you read this the March meeting will have been held. If you did not attend you will have missed a most enlightening program about George Washington.
    No, you have not heard it all nor read it all, because our first president was such a remarkable person that we could barely cover his major accomplish-ments and, even more barely, cover all of the nuances of his life.
    The moral to this is that you should mark your calendars for the third Tuesday of each month in order to enrich your life with all of the information that our guest speakers bring to us.
    That being said, be careful to attend the April meeting. The main order of business will be to assign tasks and polish up the details for our Big Birthday Bash to be held in the James Houston Jones Historical Park, Saturday, April 28. 

This is the time of year when high schools are busy with proms and festivities. Above you see part of a memory booklet from the Junior-Senior banquet for the Century High School Class of 1946. Lots of memories, I'll bet!
(Booklet was owned by Thomas E. "Bud" Simmons and pictured here courtesy of Meta Bell of Flomaton)

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