Going Home
ASHS Column for 2 22 07
Margaret Collier

     Strangely enough, although this
column usually is about the past,
we are always looking to the future.
For example, several members
and friends of the Society have
been busy overseeing the laying
of the track for the homecoming
of #100, painting the Briggs
Building, laying the brick walkway,
rearranging things and house-
cleaning in The Leach House.
There is always something that
needs doing in order to get
ready for our regular visitors,
but now our focus is on a big
celebration and dedication
ceremony for Old #100.
     But, wait! Something else is in the works. We are planning a Coming-Going Home sort of cookbook, with your help, of course. Please rummage around in your memories of favorite family remembrances, recipes and/or remedies. We do hope to recreate the atmosphere of what makes people want to go home again. What tugs at your heartstrings? Think, and then, get your notes to Sandy Collier at 3251 S. Pine Barren Road, McDavid, FL 32568, PH 256-4045. If you have any old pictures of family gatherings let us make copies. We want your submissions as soon as possible in order to get this book published this summer, so get with it, folks!
     AND, speaking of celebrations, we thought you might like to read about Catherine (Weaver) Jeter’s birthday party back in February of 1956, from the Flomaton Journal. Now we don’t normally go around revealing a lady’s age ‘cause Miss Irene Whigham used to say, "Any woman who would tell her age will tell anything!" Well, Catherine isn’t telling this so it must be all right to go ahead with the story.
     Mrs. Calvin Weaver proved a delightful hostess Friday evening when she surprised her daughter, Catherine, with a birthday party. The invited friends met at the Weaver home and then motored to Weaver Lake where they extended their congratulations and good wishes for many more under the direction of Mrs. H. M. Vinson. Boat riding was the most enjoyable feature. Many lovely gifts attested to the popularity of Catherine.
     Of course, no party is complete without refreshments, which abounded. Mrs. Weaver was assisted in serving by Miss Estelle Weaver, Mrs. L. D. Weaver, Mrs. B. N. White and Mrs. Will Weaver. The beautiful three-tier birthday cake carrying out the valentine motif was decorated with red roses and hearts. The first slice was cut by the honoree, after which Mrs. A. R. Bethea served the guests.
     In the spirit of an old-time celebration, we thought you would like to read the names of those who attended: Pat Davis, Hiram Johnson, Sonny Jeter, Una Ray Bethea, Barbara Eldridge of Pensacola, Betty Ann Boone, Art Ereckson, Ann Ellis, Jack Noblin, Carolyn Straughn, Betty Frances Ash, Patsy Green, Jimmy Justice, Kenny Northop, Dwayne Nolin, Cora Helen Weaver, Elaine Harper, Penny Rogers, Skippy Northrop, Devon Harper, Sue Jackson, Nankie Brown, Clarence Jordan, Darryl Rabon, Terry Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Lundy, Brenda Bethea and Mac Weaver.
     Now, wasn’t that fun! Reminiscing on the past is good for helping us to look forward to even better things, so don’t forget to send in the ones that make you want to go home!
     We had a second officer/trustee meeting recently with Richard Brosnaham, Director of West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc., discussing details of the possibility of our becoming associated with them and under the umbrella of the University of West Florida. In principle it seems all is on go, but it may be as long as a year and a half before things can be finalized. In the meantime, we’re proceeding as normal, because there are snags that may come up that can delay or hinder any timeline.
     An immediate benefit from the discussions is that our paid members will be added to the mailing list for the newsletter from West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc. We will have a page available to us in the newsletter for news and views from this end of the county, too. The newsletter is published quarterly, so it will be a couple of months before you see it in your mailbox.
     Stay tuned for the "rest of the story."
     As of this writing, the weather has again interfered with the completion of our track for Old 100. The postponement is okay, though, because the weather in Indiana is such that it is impossible to get to the engine, anyway. It’s buried under a couple of feet of snow!
     Gee, but the weather here is nice – in comparison.

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