The Tale of The Mosquito Flats Queen
ASHS Column for 8/25/05
Jerry Simmons

Donald Sales brought three poems penned sometime in the early 1900s, he thinks, by an anonymous writer. They express emotions still prevalent today in some fashion or another and we will bring them all to you as we have space. The first one follows:

Mosquito Flat Queen

I was well on my way in this world once, boys,
And dang proud of my place,
When I fell in love with a beautiful woman.
Now she's driven me down to disgrace.

Now this woman I was in love with
Was the prettiest you've ever seen.
But she wasn't made for a home like mine,
But to sit on a throne like a queen.

Though I loved her with a love that was true boys,
And we were engaged to be wed.
But she turned me down, for some reason
That reason she's never said.

Now they say she's going to be married and happy,
At least that's what folks tell
But I can't believe she's happy, boys,
When she's sinking my soul to hell.

So I'll close my little chapter,
My story you've heard me tell,
A woman can guide you to heaven
Or sink you to the depths of hell.

Donald believes there are more poems like this floating around out there somewhere. If you have a collection of old poems that include this and others like it, please let us know - and we can give proper credit to the writer.
Kevin McKinley gave a presentation on the Economics of the South Before and After the War Between the States at our last meeting. If you haven't heard Kevin speak, I assure you that you will be impressed when you do. He is a veritable encyclopedia of historical facts, not only of the Confederacy and that era, but he has lots to tell about the politics and beliefs of Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers of the United States
Saturday, September 3, at the Flomaton Antique Auction, the Alger-Sullivan Historical Society will operate the concession, serving lunch plates and refreshments. The proceeds will be used to bring home "Old 100". Donations will be accepted along, so allow us to serve you hot sandwiches and cold drinks. You may see more information on the web at

Don't forget the Model A show coming up October 8th! We'll see you at these events, won't we?
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As an aside, I want to personally invite you to drop into the Thomas E. McMillan Museum on the campus of Jefferson Davis Community College on Alco Drive in Brewton. I have the privilege of being appointed the Museum Coordinator for the museum and it is a wonderful opportunity for me.

The Alabama Room is a storehouse of information about Alabama and Escambia County, AL, and surrounding areas. It is a part of the Escambia County (AL) Historical Society. The Thomas E. McMillan Museum itself has a great series of displays including early archaeology of the area and periods from then until today. You'll just have to see the museum to believe what a treasure we have in our midst!

The Museum hours are 9 am until 3 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Access to the museum may include other hours by appointment. 251-809-1528 is the number to call for more information.

Music recital class of "Miss" Irene Glover (Whigham), Spring of 1916.

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