Back in Time
ASHS Column for 09 07 06
Jerry Simmons

     I am gonna take the easy way out again this
week and present some old news (at least
50 years) from the Flomaton Journal and
The Pine Belt News. The first items are
from the March 29, 1956 edition of the
Flomaton Journal (who remembers what
saying was on the front page of every
Flomaton Journal issue?).
A three act comedy "We Shook the Family
Tree" will be presented at the Century High
School auditorium on Friday night, at 7:30
p.m., April 8.
The public is cordially invited to attend.
Admission for students will be 35 ¢ and for
adults 50 ¢ .
"Sadie Shaw from Arkansas," a comedy will be presented at the Flomaton High School auditorium on Friday night. This play promises to be real entertainment for all ages.

At a meeting on March 19, of the Directors of the Alger-Sullivan Lumber Company, Century, Florida, Edward A. Hauss was elected Chairman of the Board and Treasurer of the Company and David B. Miller was elected President to succeed Mr. Hauss who had been President since 1917, having been an official of the company since its incorporation in 1900.
Mr. Miller, who since 1927 has been a Vice-President of T.R. Miller Mill Company, Brewton, joined Alger-Sullivan in 1941 and had been Executive Vice-President since 1945. L.F. Nelson was elected Secretary.
The Wednesday afternoon bridge club met with Mrs. L.P. Ludvigsen.
Cut flowers attractively arranged in the living room where the following ladies enjoyed the game: Mesdames Jim Lewis, B.D. Stewart, Will Weaver, Elsie Hare, Dan Baker, Fred Jones, and Leach.
Mrs. Hare won high score, Mrs. Stewart second and Mrs. Jones the wizzard.
Refreshments of lemon chiffon pie and coffee were served.
Miscellaneous Items
Mr. And Mrs. C.J. Justice and son Jim visited Mr. And Mrs. D.K. Green in Haines City, Fla., last week.
Mrs. Hoyt Bonds and girls visited relatives in Winfield, Ala, over the week-end.
From The Pine Belt News, Thursday, February 8, 1906 (well over one hundred years ago)
E. Walker, owner of a saw mill here on the banks of Big Escambia, is preparing to build a foundry. Material is being placed on the ground and other preparations are being made. He will also erect a number of cottages adjacent for renting.
[Ed. Note: Who has knowledge of this foundry – if it was completed and if so, where it was located?]
Robert Emmons, who was seriously injured in a street melee during the stay of Clark’s circus here, was sufficiently recovered to removed to his home, about ten miles from Flomaton, last week. His injuries, two knife wounds in the back, caused very grave apprehension, but under the skillful management of Dr. W.L. Abernethy and the best of nursing, his recovery is assured.
The owners of the combined bank and drug store building contemplate using a portion of the upper story as a pool room. A notice has been served on them threatening smashed windows and other acts of lawlessness if this is done. The warning is supposed to come from the same party or parties that fired into the ball room some time since and gave similar notice to the owner of the hall.

     Seems there was a bit of lawless violence in the old days, too, not unlike what we experience today.
     I hope you enjoy these little trips into the past—I enjoy bringing them to you. The picture accompanying this week’s column is an advertisement for The Alger-Sullivan Lumber Company from the Flomaton Journal of July, 1956. Notice the phone number was 4-digits. There was no "BLackburn 6" or "256" prefix yet. Who remembers Flomaton’s prefix?
Our next meeting is September 19, so make your plans to be there at 6 pm!

     Y’all come!

Advertisement in the Flomaton Journal, July, 1956 touting the advantage of their lumber.
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