Boxcar Barbeque tops the list for November 25
ASHS Column for 10 26 06
Jerry Simmons

    The talk at the Historic Park in Century is full of
hope that it won’t be long before Old 100 comes
back to town. Several things are happening at the
same time: we are working to get the new track laid
(CSX has promised to help); get the rest of the money
together from the State of Florida to finish paying for
the engine (we’ve paid Whitewater Valley Railroad a
substantial portion already); and making preparations
to relocate the Boxcar Museum onto the new track.
    When we get the track laid and are ready to pound the last spike home, it just might be a golden spike and have a ceremony for that. Also, when we find the
locomotive is on its way, we may announce a parade to welcome it into town. Both are ideas from our resident idea-come-up-with-man, Don Sales.
    For now, we’ll move the Boxcar about fifteen feet to the east and about forty feet to the north, so we’ll have room to place the engine between it and the rear of the Leach House. If that confuses you, come down to the museum and we’ll be glad to show you where it’s going to be. If things go as planned, we should have it done by the first of December. Of course, all sorts of things can cause
delays. Just "stay tuned," as Mrs. Collier says.
    There’s been a great deal of excitement in this old man’s life the last couple weeks, especially the election for the council seats in Century October 10th. I ran for one seat, but wound up losing by 20 votes. The other side worked harder and prepared better, and that’s why we lost.
    I owe many thanks to all the ones who voted for me and also those who went out and campaigned for me. I am sorry I let you down, because I know if I’d worked harder, there would have been a better chance for us to win. I won’t make excuses, even though I might have justifiable ones, because I realize excuses don’t change anything. We know there must be a winner and a loser in any race.
    There have been questions about whether General Alger (of Alger-Sullivan) ever set foot in Century. No one seemed to know for sure. Take a look at the following, copied from the Standard Gauge newspaper from February 19, 1903:

                                               Gen. Alger Comes South
         Pensacola, Fla., Feb. 13 – Gen. Russell A. Alger, now senator-elect
         from Michigan, arrived yesterday with a party of capitalists from
         Michigan, and inspected the big saw mill owned by General Alger
         at Century, 40 miles north of here. The party was in the private car
         of General Alger, and made a trip to other places throughout
         Western Florida, for the purposes of purchasing outputs and

    That should answer the question once and for all.
    "Boxcar Barbeque" is another catch phrase we’ll be using in the next few weeks. November 25, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Society will have a late Fall shindig that the whole family can enjoy! Entertainment, food, Civil War reenactors, and good clean fun. We’re suggesting that you fellas at home while the wife is out doing shopping come by and get yourself some lunch with us, even if you take it back home to eat while you’re watching ballgames. Bring the kids, too.

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