Lingering memories of a pleasant fall day
ASHS Column for 12 7 06
Margaret Collier

    The memories are lingering on
and on - of the Boxcar Barbeque,
that is. The Society was more
than thankful for weather that
just transcended any that we ever
had for an event in the Park.
    What a joy it was to gather
in that tranquil setting for a
day of entertainment, socializing,
learning of old-time skills, and,
of course, eating. Wait a minute -
did I say tranquil? Well, it was
except for when that Union Navy
crew yelled, "Fire in the hole,"
and the cannon shook the area
like at least a 6 point earthquake
on the Richter scale! Let me tell
you that the little brass cannon
mounted on the ship had a mighty
voice that managed to get a lot
of attention every time it was fired.
    All of the re-enactors added
ever so much to the fun and education
in the Park. The children of all ages
learned a lot from these people who
dress in authentic clothing and have
authentic camp scenes. They even took
time to hold an impressive flag-
raising ceremony to start the day's
activities. Living history is what
they are about and we are indebted
to them for their dedication and
hard work to bring these presentations
to us.
    Max, the potter, Neal, the miller, and the Party Lady held viewers' attention with their live demonstrations. As usual, the antique cars wowed everyone. Joe Ross's antique tool exhibit was something to behold. Nathan Chesser and Cary Ellis had pelts and all sorts of Indian items from the past for us to admire. Kevin McKinley represented the Carney Camp of the Sons of the Confederacy. Check with him on genealogy and all kinds of Civil War information.
    Of course, the people who sent voice and/or instrumental music resounding throughout the Park and the dancers who really made all of us wish we could have that kind of talent really made the day very special. Folks, I am telling you that this event was just the nicest way to spend a Fall Saturday. We had it all, because of all of the folks who contributed their talent, their expertise, their time, energy, money and good attitude, we did not hear vulgar language or see ugly actions. It was a great place for people to have wholesome entertainment - and that is hard to find these days!
    We also want to commend the many members of the Society who worked so hard before, during and after the event. This was likely the best participation we ever had which made us feel that we were doing something worthwhile. Just know that we'll expect this sort of cooperation in April when we have the annual Birthday Bash!
    Our next meeting will be held in The Leach House at 6 P.M., Tuesday, December 19. Do not panic! The meeting will be mainly for socializing, so each member is asked to bring a favorite goodie for refreshments and a favorite old-time Christmas memory. We'll also have a report on the final outcome of the Boxcar Barbeque and other projects that are in the works, so do take time out from your Christmas preparations to spend an hour or so with us on the 19th.

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Neal, the miller - This operating grist mill was operated in the buildings located where the Century Piggly Wiggly is now. Formerly owned by the Simmons family above Flomaton, it was donated to the Society last year. It was reworked by Neal Collier who now operates it at our outdoor functions. Neal grinds, packages, and sells the authentic stone-ground corn meal and a better hoecake you never ate.